Fuel shortage hit's Bexhill

IN THE aftermath of the recent industrial action, by staff at Scotland's Grangemouth oil refinery, it appears that the effects of the strike has had a knock on effect South of the border at a petrol station in Bexhill.

The Texaco garage on Beeching Road, only had a limited supply of petrol today (Friday), which assistant Keighly James said was due to motorists, "panic buying".

A number of the garage's petrol pumps were not in use and were cordoned off with bollards - a sign directed vehicles to the only diesel and unleaded pumps that were in use.

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However, another of Texaco's employees said: "People are not panic buying now but they were last weekend. We don't have much petrol at the moment because we've had a technical fault and we are due to have a delivery tomorrow."

The Grangemouth strike, which lasted for two days, came about after an unresolved dispute between union and management over a proposed final-salary pension scheme for new employees, and cost the country an estimated 50m a day.

Adding fuel to the fire, petrol prices in the UK are at an all time high, with the average cost of a litre of unleaded now standing at around 1.12.

In addition to the strike in Scotland, the past week has seen a worker's strike in Nigeria causing major disruption to US oil major, Exxon Mobil's daily output of approximately 800,000 barrels of oil.