Fury over pub chain's 'aggressive' marketing tactics

A PUB CHAIN has launched an aggressive marketing campaign against smaller rivals - and is getting its facts wrong!

Wetherspoon's John Logie Baird pub put up a board comparing its prices to three others last week.

Managers of the Havelock Road pub wanted to drive home the fact that Wetherspoon's serves cheap drinks in a strong-arm tactic to pull in more drinkers.

They named two independent town centre pubs, Trader Jack's and Bar Moda, along with another chain pub, Yates's.

Fuming Trader Jack's licensee Ashley Jacobs said: "They want to get their facts straight.

"They have got me selling things I don't even sell and my Guinness is a pound a pint cheaper than they say it is.

"I've only had a licence eight weeks and already this big national company is coming after me."

Bar Moda licensee Pete Coney was similarly incensed and went over to Wetherspoon's last Friday night to have a word.

He said: "The manager laughed in my face. Everyone knows we can't compete with them on price but at least our pub has a bit of atmosphere.

"They have got us selling Carling when we actually sell Carlsberg and Marston's bitter when we sell Boddington's. There's no need for them to pick on two independently owned pubs."

Mr Coney and Mr Jacobs have not taken any action at present but are determined to get the poster removed.

Mr Jacobs said: "We don't want a showdown. There is room in this town for both of us. They don't need to do this."

Yates's manager Paul Hodgin said he wasn't bothered about being featured on Wetherspoon's board.

He said: "We can handle

ourselves. I've worked in other Yates's where we have done the same thing."

A spokesman for trading standards said the matter would be looked at the next time officers were in Hastings, although no formal complaint has been lodged.

A Wetherspoon's spokesman apologised for any inaccuracies on the board and said they would be changed but added the board would remain.