Gatwick and Crawley route to get this electric double-decker bus

A prototype electric double-deck bus is to be trialed by Metrobus on the Fastway 100 service between Crawley, Gatwick Airport and Reigate.

Electric bus service launched at Gatwick.
Electric bus service launched at Gatwick.

During the trial, the double decker will operate alongside conventional buses and refuelled at the Metrobus depot at Manor Royal Business Park. An airport spokesman said: “Gatwick has an established relationship with Metrobus to support innovation and encourage bus use within the local communities, including many employees working at the airport.

“Gatwick has also just increased its financial support for local bus services to help ensure that sustainable travel options operate during early mornings, evenings and weekends.”

The airport also has a new staff car share scheme, which gives preferential airport parking to staff who give lifts to colleagues.

Due to the high level of take up among staff extra parking bays are being added, said the spokesman.

Guy Stephenson, Gatwick Airport chief commercial officer, said: “As an airport we are determined to increase sustainable travel options for our passengers and staff by supporting transport initiatives that help to improve the environment.”

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Nick Hill, Metrobus commercial director, said: “We are delighted to be continuing our valued partnership with Gatwick Airport on this exciting project, by working together over many years, we have managed to ensure that Gatwick Airport, it’s workers and passengers enjoy amongst the best bus service connectivity of anywhere in the world and if our current funding bid to UK Government is successful, the airport will soon be benefiting from a zero emission bus service, serving the airport up to every 6 minutes, 24 hours a day”.

Metrobus also plans to order 20 single deck electric buses.

It is already running a zero emission electric bus trial on its Route 400 between Caterham, Redhill, Horley, Gatwick Airport, Manor Royal, Crawley and East Grinstead.