Gatwick to create airport vehicle accident ‘league table’

High-tech tracking gear will be installed in vehicles at Gatwick Airport in a bid to reduce accidents.

It hopes to cut accidents on its airfield by 25 per cent by using devices on 2,600 vehicles to record location, speed and braking.

A spokesman said: “Gatwick is looking to use the technology to encourage improved driver behaviour and accountability.

“The results – in terms of compliance with speed limits and parking regulations – will be presented in league tables highlighting the best and worst performing companies.

High-tech tracking gear will be installed in vehicles at Gatwick Airport in a bid to reduce accidents

“The airport already uses league tables to improve performance in a range of other areas – including to compare airlines’ and ground handlers’ on time performance – and the measure has been proven to instill a sense of competition and a motivation for individuals and organisations ‘to be number one’.”

Under the new system – provided by Ortus Group – the 24 companies with key airside vehicles can install any recording technology, as long as it is compatible with Gatwick’s new system which begins in May.

Gatwick has selected the Ortus Group to provide the technology in its own fleet vehicles.

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The spokesman added: “With space being limited on Gatwick’s airfield, illegal parking can be a cause of accidents so the new system will automatically monitor compliance with parking regulations to ensure that the right vehicles are parked in the right place.

“Similarly, driving too fast can cause accidents and the new system is expected to improve speed limit compliance – while also removing the need for the costly speed trap exercises and equipment that have formed part of the airport’s speeding enforcement programme to date.”

Other cost savings are hoped as vehicle movement data will reduce the need for lengthy accident investigations and assist with cheaper insurance costs.

Chris Woodroofe, Gatwick Airport chief operating officer, said: “Safety is always a top priority at Gatwick and by deploying new telematics technology we expect to take our strong safety record to the next level.

“A key component of our strategy is to be fully transparent and make the new driving data available for everyone on the airport to see. We know from our experience in other areas that this drives a strong sense of competition and helps to deliver improvements, which in this case means fewer vehicles accidents on our airfield.”