Glitzy awards night sees Lyndsay meet her TV idol John Barrowman

One lucky woman got the chance to meet actor and singer John Barrowman during a glitzy awards ceremony for weight-loss organisation Slimming World.

Lyndsay Thompson's dream came true when she cuddled-up to the multi-talented star at Slimming World's Annual Awards ceremony, which praises the work of their consultants.

As Slimming World's local area manager Lyndsay, of Felpham, runs classes at St Paul's Hall, in Chichester, and she was left star-struck when she got to meet Mr Barrowman at the awards ceremony.

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"He was absolutely lovely, charming and pleasant," she said.

"Every year we have a celebrity present our awards and it was lovely to have someone like John there. He was very funny and he sang for us from his latest album."

She was over the moon when the celebrity, best known as Captain Jack on Torchwood, called her 'an inspiration' after meeting her and posing for a picture.

During the ceremony at the ICC in Birmingham, Mr Barrowman praised Barbara Wilson, of Chichester, who also runs classes at St Paul's Hall.

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He said: "Seeing people's dreams come true is an incredible thing and I've had the privilege of doing that through my TV career. Lyndsay and Barbara are special because they are helping others achieve their dreams every week."

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