Go on '“ stage a conference and ask OUR views...

Arun District Council stages a conference for the Polish community to see how they are faring and what concerns they have.

Why does Arun District Council not hold a conference for the local Bognor people? They could ask them their views on the invasion of Eastern Europeans in their town.

I doubt if they would do it. They would probably not like the questions fired at them by disillusioned Bognorians.

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The lady who wrote the letter sounding her concerns said she heard the children of the Eastern European community were receiving child benefit, even though those children were not here. She is right about that.

They also do not pay tax. They work for nine months, return to their native countries for three months, then come back to good old England, thus avoiding a huge tax bill.

Our dairy farmers are suffering, as are the arable farmers. It's bad enough that supermarkets do not support local produce enough, without the Poles having shops and bringing in their own produce from their native country.

What good is that for our economy, especially as a lot of money is sent back to their homeland?

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These are just some of the issues. There are more, but this letter would become too long.

Jan Cosgrove lays into the British National Party. As far as I am concerned, they cannot do any worse than New Labour, which has signed away so many of our rights.

We are losing our heritage, which is very sad.

Ms F Bennett, Sloe Close, Chichester

More than 170 people travelled from all over the country to attend the Expanding Communities Conference, illustrating what an important subject the issue of migrant workers is.

The conference was sponsored by Butlins and there was no cost to the local tax payer.

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There was also a charge for delegates to attend to ensure the event was self-financing.

The conference was an example of local government working responsibly with a range of partners, including the police and the local voluntary sectors, to look at the issues around migrant workers and how best to address them.

It is in everybody's interests for communities to get on with one another, and no single agency can be responsible for making that happen on its own.

This conference was about drawing people together and sharing experiences of best practice and success.

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The wide variety of people attending demonstrated these are not issues that just face Arun but local authorities across the country.

Cllr Roger Elkins, Arun District Council cabinet member for community safety

Councillor Cosgrove again repeats the big lie that this country owes the Poles, as a whole, a debt of gratitude for the services of some of them during the Second World War.

It hasn't occurred to him, I suppose, that those Poles who fought alongside us between 1939 and 1945 were fighting, not so much for our country, Britain, as for their own '“ Poland, then occupied by the Germans.

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Those Poles who fought alongside our forces, while their contribution and sacrifice are acknowledged and honoured, owed our country a debt of gratitude for affording them the opportunity to strike a blow for their country's (ie Poland's) freedom and against the common enemy '“ Germany.

Furthermore, all Poles should remember with gratitude the historical fact it was Germany's unprovoked invasion of Poland in September 1939 which was the cause of Britain declaring war on Germany.

How many Britons gave their lives in that war to defend Polish sovereignty, Mr Cosgrove? And why do you never mention the eternal debt owed by all Poles to Britain, which stood alone in 1940 against the rest of Europe?

Back to your history books, Cosgrove, and while you're at it, look up the way your father's people treated the Jews during the German occupation of Poland. Many were only too eager to assist the Germans in exterminating Polish Jewry.

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The British people have never been asked whether they wanted immigration from Eastern Europe, and the government lied about the scale of the influx, suggesting a mere 8,000 would come to this country.

What a joke '“ there are almost that many in Bognor Regis alone.

As for the racist slur that Britons are too lazy to take the low-paid jobs most of these Eastern European immigrants take. The British National Party rejects it with scorn, and points out that if the big business employers offered reasonable wages for such jobs, there would be no shortage of British people willing to take them.

'˜Official' unemployment rises towards the two million mark and still they come. Whose interests does mass immigration serve? Who benefits and who suffers?

Yes, we dare to stand '“ we dare, and who dares, wins!

Dr A Emerson, Chichester