Help and advice for cost of living in West Sussex

Citizens Advice in West Sussex are a local charity here to support you through the cost of living with information, guidance and advice.
Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice BureauCitizens Advice

Citizens Advice Bureau
Citizens Advice Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice in West Sussex are here to support you. With the cost of living affecting many people, we want to provide as much support and information to our residents as possible.Knowing what options are available and getting support early is important to prevent further issues arising.

Here are our key tips:• Act Early – getting support as soon as you can will help you to feel in control of managing your money and prevent any future problems. It is never too late to reach out though, and we will help you to find the right support whatever your situation

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• Check your benefit entitlement - There are many benefits available depending on your circumstances. Our advisors can help you to work out what you can claim by using our handy Benefits Calculator

• Work out your budget and maximise your income – we can help you to look at ways to increase your income, support you with managing debt, and find out if you could save money on your bills

• Start tackling your debts - if you have debt and are struggling to manage, there is help available. Contacting Citizens Advice National Debt Service is a great first step, and we can talk through your options together

• Check what help you can get from the Government and your local council – You might be eligible for help with the cost of things like childcare, travel, food, energy bills or healthcare

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• If you’re 55 or over, get free guidance from Pensionwise – a government backed service that can help you make an informed decision about your options for taking money from your pension pots.

We have pulled together a webpage full of helpful information and links to help you find the support you need, visit ( )

Alternatively, you can call us on Advice Line for support: 0808 278 7969 or visit your local office.

If you have spare time or want to make a difference in your community, we have lots of volunteering roles available, find out more: