Historic car steams to new home

AN asset unique to Bexhill and its history now has a new set of custodians.

Bexhill Motor Racing Heritage has handed the safe-keeping of the reproduction of the steam car on which M. Leon Serpollet won the original 1902 Bexhill Motor Trials to the Bexhill 100 Motoring Club.

The Serpollet had two public outings at the weekend... at Little Common's country fayre and then at the clock tower centenary celebrations.

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Bexhill Motor Racing Heritage will retain ownership of the Serpollet replica. The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club will keep it fettled and use it to fly the Bexhill flag at fund-raising events.

Engineer Geoff Theobald, who built the replica with the aid of High School and St Richard's Catholic College pupils and Hastings College students, was on hand at the weekend. Monsieur Serpollet built the original car, part of a series of developmental one-offs, at a time when motoring was in its infancy.

The Motoring Club have been learning the intricacies of how to fire-up the paraffin-powered steamer and how to care for its boiler.

Malcolm Mitcheson, Racing Heritage director and president of the Bexhill 100 Motoring Club, said: "I think it is an excellent agreement. I think it is definitely bringing it home to Bexhill, where it will be cared for by local custodians and used for the good of the community."

A team will act as local custodians of the car. It comprises team leader Dave Smith, boilerman Keith Robinson, club chairman Barry Lawson and Paul Anderson, John Gardner and Richard Heritage. H30900g

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