Hove boy makes inspiring film with Star Wars actor and a galaxy of celebrities

Oscar Clitheroe, who has a rare condition which affects his growth, decided he wanted to share his story with his fellow students when he started in Year 7 at Hove Park School.
Oscar Clitheroe, 11, made the film 'It's Alright to be Different'Oscar Clitheroe, 11, made the film 'It's Alright to be Different'
Oscar Clitheroe, 11, made the film 'It's Alright to be Different'

And he enlisted the help of Star Wars actor Warwick Davis, alongside a host of other celebrities to spread his message that ‘it’s alright to be different’.

The 11-year-old is one of only three people in the world to have Ring 5 Chromosome, which means he has to inject growth hormone every day into his leg to help him grow.

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His family said he won’t grow as tall as his dad – 6ft 1 – but hopefully he will be as tall as his mum at 5ft 4.

Oscar ClitheroeOscar Clitheroe
Oscar Clitheroe

The brave youngster decided he wanted to stand up in assembly at his new secondary school and explain his condition.

It all began when Oscar told his parents that some boys had been asking him why he was so small at a summer holiday club.

He said to his parents “I think when I start secondary school, I’d like to tell everyone in one go about me and my life, then I won’t get asked all the time.”

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Oscar’s cousin Hettie suggested he make a video explaining how unique he is, and as his mum Donna works in television, she asked a couple of celebrities if they would like to get involved.

The response was overwhelming, and the idea led to an inspiring video by Oscar and his friends, featuring celebrities like Warwick Davis, Lorraine Kelly, Stacey Solomon, Michael Mcintyre and Phillip Schofield.

In the video, Warwick Davis, who has starred in Star Wars and Harry Potter films, said: “One of the things I have learnt in life is to never let my size hold me back. And it’s actually quite cool to be different, just like Oscar.”

Oscar showed his film during the Year 7, 8 and 9 assemblies, and it’s also been shared online.

On the video’s reaction, Oscar said: “Its amazing. It’s really good that it might help so many people”

Oscar’s mum Donna said: “We’re so proud of Oscar, we’re really proud of his outlook on life.”