‘Huge’ wall felled by Storm Brendan smashes Horsham sheds

A ‘huge’ wall blown over by Storm Brendan has ‘destroyed’ a Horsham group’s sheds.

The storage sheds at the town’s Girl Guiding headquarters, in Denne Road, were smashed by falling bricks last night (January 14), according to eighth Horsham Brownies leader Pam Brakes.

She said: “We heard this funny slithering noise and when we went out the back we found the wall had fallen down.

“It was quite a frightening experience because of the noise and then to see the damage.

A wall felled by Storm Brendan smashed into sheds in Horsham

“To think that we could have been out there.”

Pam added that she had been one of the sheds, where the group’s camping equipment is stored, earlier that evening.

She said the camping equipment had been damaged first by falling bricks, before being rained on as well.

Pam added: “It was quite a close run thing. Really scary. You think what might have happened.

Pam said she reacted with 'shock and horror' following the incident

“We’re thankful nothing did happen. You think gosh it could have been so much worse.”

Pam said she reacted with ‘shock and horror’ when she saw the destruction.

She added: “We picked as much up as we could. If you can imagine a six by eight shed full of bricks with the roof hanging off.”

The guide hall was donated to the group in 1929, according to Pam.

She said: “We have used it ever since.

“In the war it was commandeered by the armed services for an officer’s place.

“We have been using it as a guide hall for Brownies and Guides ever since.”

The Horsham Conservation Team has already visited the damaged wall, according to Pam.

She added: “They were very good.

“We’re going to get a working party of parents to move the bricks carefully and then see what we can salvage.

“We have got to get the wall repaired.”

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