GREETINGS: Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday evening. As I've said before, I think it is a silly idea!! How have you managed the road closures? I have not found it particularly troublesome.

CHURCH NEWS: The 9.30am Eucharist service on Sunday will be led by the Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Meyer. There will also be a Baptism during the service. We have arrived at the last Sunday after Trinity, which is also known as Bible Sunday. We commemorate St. Simon and St. Jude, who are associated with the spread of the Gospel throughout the Middle East. Jude has become the patron saint of lost causes – in other words, you can ask for his intercession when all else has failed. On Thursday we move into November and the first day is All Saints’ Day. Friday 2nd, is All Souls’ day when we remembered those who have died.

WEATHER: In the week before the school break, the sun has done us proud. I have much enjoyed poddling by the sea, and many others have too. On Sunday afternoon, it was as busy as mid-summer, and there were people in the sea. Such a lovely time must shorten the winter, as they say. Chrysanthemums are showing their colour now, and my lovely autumn flowering camellia is beautiful. The bright, shiny moon was full on 24th, and this one is known as the Harvest Moon.

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QUEEN’S HEAD: I don’t know who is playing live music at 4 pm on Sunday because the list stops at 21st.!! But there is a Quiz on Wednesday 24th at 8.30 pm in aid of the British Legion.

ROBIN HOOD: Remember that there is a change to tradition this year. The Robin Hood Bonfire, fireworks and procession down the main road will happen on Sunday 4th November. This is to make it more family accessible than sticking to 5th whatever day it falls on. Rye bonfire etc, is on 10th. Road works will not impede either of these.

MURDER MYSTERY: We are pleased to hear that the Robin Hood Inn is continuing the generous sponsorship of the Murder Mystery on Saturday 19th January 2019, which is another New Pavilion Fund Raiser. Thanks to Sue, Mick and family for their continued support.

CONTACT: Thank you for information received. Please keep it coming.

AND FINALLY: We won’t mention the American Hallowe’en will we? School Term 2 begins on Monday 29th October, and then it is the run all the way to Christmas. Have a good week.

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