POPCORN FOR BREAKFAST: There was no way I was cooking a '˜full English', for the family on the royal wedding day. We grazed all morning on popcorn, crisps, chocolate and cake. If anyone wanted toast, they got it themselves. From 7a.m., we didn't move from the TV, although the menfolk were a bit '˜iffy' about it. The wedding was a wonderful spectacle, wasn't it?. Harry is open to diversity, grandeur and the mundane in equal measure. He radiates kindness. The chalk and cheese disparity of the clergy amused everyone. No one is ever going to forget Bishop Curry's ebullient sermon are they? [I'm sure God was looking down saying 'Go Bishop Curry go'!] Meghan's dress had the simple beauty of a novice nun. She reminded me of Julie Andrews in '˜The Sound Of Music'], gliding alone [initially anyway], down a long aisle to meet her groom, turning her back on her previous life with a mature resolve. If Meghan ages anywhere near as elegantly as her mother she will always capture British hearts. For Ordinary people Royal occasions are a tonic. For a brief time the event allows everyone to forget the tedium of nine to five jobs. Majestic opulence and street -party pork pies have equal standing. Most wedding guests looked splendid. [I loved Amal Clooney's mustard outfit]. There were a few who looked as though they'd been hastily pinned into their dresses, miffed that the fuse had gone on the Carmen rollers, which made it all the more normal. I loved the cellist [wasn't he wonderful], the floral arch, the heraldry and Britain doing what Britain does best, which is pomp and ceremony, and mixed in with that the good old British sense of the ridiculous which visiting nations joined in with gusto. It was a splendid day, a case of back to cornflakes and toast tomorrow, but for now pass the Prosecco, and don't hog the popcorn!

IDEN STORES A.G.M: Iden Stores A.G.M, will be held in Iden village hall, on Thursday 6th June, at 6pm. All customers, suppliers and staff of the shop and Post Office are very welcome.

THE ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY: On June 2nd, from 10am-12noon there will be a meeting in Iden village hall, to see just what Iden has to offer in the way of entertainment and clubs. Anyone willing to represent existing clubs, to demonstrate a little of what they hope to achieve is welcome to come along and tote their advantages. There are new, people in the village and even those who have lived here ages who are not always aware of what is on offer. Perhaps organisations such as ‘Friends of Iden Church’, ‘ W.I’, I.C.E [Iden Community Emergency Forum] ‘Book Club’, ‘Footpath management ‘ Iden Trotters walking group’ Iden Bowls Club, Village Hall, [short mat bowls, Bingo, Coffee morning etc.] and anyone who brings fulfilment to Iden would kindly sort out speakers and any visual trappings to demonstrate on the day.

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IDEN VILLAGE HALL A.G.M.: On Tuesday, 29th May, at 7.30pm Iden Village Hall is holding it’s Annual General Meeting, to which all are invited.

CREAM TEAS AT THE VILLAGE HALL: Everyone loves a cream tea don’t they, so do come along to Iden Village Hall on Saturday 9th June, from 2.30pm-5.30pm, for an afternoon of good company and some wonderful cakes and scones. All are welcome.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion on Sunday, in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30 am.

PARTICULARLY RESERVED: Iden churchyard looks somewhat plain and bereft of flowers now that the snowdrops and daffodils have disappeared, but that empty blip has allowed us to observe the tombstones in all their glory. Some remain steadfastly erect, but some lean back precariously bringing a risky edge to their aged stance. A few lean against one another, as though seeking comfort. Some tombstones are obviously needier than others. These old tombstones are no longer brought flowers as I’m sure they once were, but they have not been forgotten by the villagers who see to it that during spring at least they are swamped with florae. However, it struck me this morning as I observed them before and after church, that they have their own beauty, and certainly a marked longevity that has seen years of heavy snowfalls and torrents of rain, and have stood steadfast and dignified against chill winds and sweltering sunshine. No one dare disturb them, they are mowed carefully in between, and they have won the lottery for themselves and those that they shield. They have a reserved space, hopefully forever. No wonder they look so proud!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]

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