Is this Sussex couple the youngest to celebrate 21 years of marriage?

A married couple from Sussex believe they may be the youngest people in the county to be celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

Duncan and Pennie Nolan have been married for 21 years
Duncan and Pennie Nolan have been married for 21 years

Duncan Nolan and Pennie, both from Hastings, married on March 12, 1998, when he was 20 and she was 16.

Now 21 years and five children later – at the respective ages of 41 and 37 – is this the youngest couple in Sussex to reach the milestone?

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Duncan thinks they might be: “My daughter put something out online last year when we had our 20th and my wife put it out on her Twitter.

Duncan and Pennie Nolan have been married for 21 years

“Loads of people got back asking whether we were the youngest to be celebrating that many years of marriage.

“This year, we have been asked if we are the youngest couple to celebrate 21 years of marriage in Hastings, the South East, or the whole of England.
“We did a bit of digging online but we couldn’t find anything.”

Duncan, a former student at The Grove School, said he met Pennie while he was working at Coasters.

He asked Pennie to marry him when they found out she was pregnant with their first child, Lenna, who is now 21.

Duncan and Pennie Nolan and their five children

The couple married and had four more children – Jamie, 16, Abi, 14, Gracie, nine, and Ronnie, six.

Duncan added: “We’ve had our ups and downs like everybody does.

“As it goes for our marriage, she is always right even when she is wrong. Even when I’m right I will say she is right because a happy wife is a happy life.

“My friends said I should write a book about a perfect marriage but I told them it would just be one page because that is the basis of our marriage.

“The only dramas in Pennie’s life are in Eastenders so, as long as that continues, I’m happy.”

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