Job Centre advert for sex workers

He started a major debate when he spoke out about a Job Centre advert for workers in the porn industry.

Justin Rollings contacted the Observer to complain when he saw an advert in the St Leonards Road branch for a Surrey based website for webcam operators working from home.

He investigated further and discovered the successful applicants must be aged 18 or over and should be prepared to work nude or semi-nude.

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Since then, Justin, 39, who lives in Silvester Road, has been interviewed for BBC regional radio and television and the subject was also aired on Five Live.

Meanwhile the advert itself has been pulled.

He said: "It is obviously interesting - it has made people think.

"There was obviously a story here because this involves the usual subjects - sex and scandal - and will attract attention."

Having seen the advert last week Justin investigated further and confirmed his first suspicion that this was in fact a pornographic website.

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He had several objections - that a Government-based agency should promote jobs of this nature and that it was clearly aimed at women and therefore contrary to sex discrimination laws. A further complaint was that the Job Centre frequently advertises opportunities which would turn out to be based in other parts of the country and not local to Bexhill.

Justin commented: "You have got to wonder. On one side they are saying that you have got to advertise all jobs that come in, and on the other side they pull it as soon as it became apparent they were advertising a role that was suspect. It is one thing advertising for Ann Summers, but another thing to advertise an explicit porn website.

"Some people have been saying they should not be advertising roles like this - others say you can choose to go after them or not."