Joel's Euro trek

LIFE S hardly a bed of roses when you re on a 22,000 mile walk around Europe - but for Joel Buton there are times when it is literally a bed of nails.

And when Littlehampton was the latest port of call for Joel this week, he invited town mayor Mark Butler to step onto the spikey boards while he was sandwiched between them.

The stunt dates back to Joel s circus days back home in France, but since May, 1999, he has devoted himself to the more serious business of promoting world peace on a remarkable trek around Europe.

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"I was inspired to do this following the death of Princess Diana," explained Joel. "She worked for peace and showed the way in Yugoslavia when she went to see the mine clearing."

So far he has covered just over 9,000 miles and along the way has attracted the good wishes of many onlookers, as well as dozens of mayors and a member of the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Butler added his own support with a letter on behalf of the people of Littlehampton. "He is a remarkable man, and to be doing this at this particular time of conflict makes Joel s effort all the more special."

The full story is in the Gazette, October 11.