Joyce is 100

Joyce Codrington celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday with an afternoon party for relatives and friends.

The resident of Hazelmere nursing home in Warwick Road enjoyed seeing her nieces and nephews who visited Bexhill specially, including Barbara who came from Canada.

Also there was Town Mayor Cllr Paul Lendon who presented her with a certificate to mark the occasion and also opened the Queen's greetings to her.

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He said: "It was brilliant that she reached this marvellous milestone of 100, and it was a pleasure to be part of her birthday celebrations. The family asked me to open the message from the Queen for her - I think that was a really nice touch."

Joyce was born in London and was one of four girls - her real name was Lucy, but the name was never used because it was also her mother's.

When she grew up she decided she would like to go into the legal profession, and began to read Law, but gave up when she married.

Her husband was known as 'Max', although it was not his real name.

"I never heard him called anything else," she said.

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"He was a person who would do anything for anybody.He was wonderful to me, and I think he was to most people - they all liked him. We lived all over the place"

The couple moved around and lived in Surrey before settling in Rye. Joyce was very active and enjoyed walking right through her life - when she was young she walked and climbed over the mountains from France into Spain.

In later years reading has been a pleasure for her as well as listening to music - she particularly enjoyed the flute playing of Catherine Welford at her birthday, Catherine being the daughter of staff member Ann who made a special cake for the party.

Joyce enjoyed the bustle of the celebrations and having lots of people around.

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She said: "I am used to crowds of people. I have been scattered all over the place and I really like people. Having been born with three sisters I am used to people buzzing about, and going about all over the place with my husband and so forth."

Hazelmere staff member Gwen Matthews said: "She is lovely, and we are all very fond of her. She has a mind of her own and you have to admire that."