Kilimanjaro trek

They made it - the trip of a lifetime.

Sally Newell, Liz Winchester, Stephanie and Ian Sprigings have returned after a gruelling trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the worlds highest freestanding mountain, at 5895 metres.

They all agreed it was the hardest challenge any of them had ever undertaken, taking a week in total to aclimatize and make the ascent. Camping was basic with few opportunities to wash, and temperatures dropped to below freezing at night, and at the summit as cold as minus 10 degrees.

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Breathing at this altitude was difficult and headaches, nausea and fatigue were all common problems for the group.

The three charities benefitting from this tough challenge were Plan UK, Cancer Research UK and RNLI Lifeboats.

Over 7000 was raised in total for these worthy causes and a huge thank-you goes to all those people that supported them at a Midsummer Dance held at St.Richard's Catholic college, back in June, plus the many other donations throughout the year.

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