Lewes Bonfire Night spectacular

Some 25,000 people crowded into Lewes for the annual bonfire celebrations with tableaus of Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and King Neptune taking centre stage.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 1:42 pm

Highlights included the angry looking King Neptune tableau rescuing a turtle from a plastic filled sea, a big-mouthed Nigel Farage tableau appeared to be stirring up trouble with the EU, a TV license van with a plane pilot flying overhead giving the ‘v’ sign, Boris Johnson having fun on a Brexit rollercoaster while Jacob Rees-Mogg sat with his eyes closed at the rear and the man himself Guy Fawkes was tied down and being rolled to his impending burning.

The estimated attendance from Sussex Police was 25,000 - 5,000 less than last year’s 30,000, possibly because of the police force’s warning to out-of-town visitors to stay away.

Processions were impressive, with stand-out performances from the samba band, bagpipers, brilliant costumes with a special mention to the vikings, loud bangs from pull-along canons, handheld firecrackers exploding with noise and smoke, brass bands provided the musical backdrop and vivid burning torches, crosses and fire aesthetics topped off the famous spectacle.

Lewes Bonfire 2019. Photo by Jon Rigby SUS-190611-080506001

Some of the bonfire societies present were Hailsham Bonfire Society, South Street Bonfire Society, Northiam Bonfire Society, Ewehurst and Staplecross Bonfire Society, Rye Bonfire Society, Battel Boys Bonfire Society, Firle Bonfire Society and Hastings Bonfire Society.

Processions began at around 5pm after respects were paid at the War Memorial at the top of Cliffe Hill High Street. The processions made their way down the hill and marched around Lewes for around four to five hours towards the final firework and bonfire displays, beginning at 8.30pm and lasting until around 10.30pm.

Approximately 55 people were treated for injuries, mostly minor, and nine people were arrested, according to emergency services.

Lewes Bonfire 2019. Photo by Jon Rigby SUS-190611-082237001

An emergency services spokesperson said, “We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening.”

Lewes Bonfire 2019. Photo by Jon Rigby SUS-190611-080608001
Lewes Bonfire 2019. Photo by Jon Rigby SUS-190611-082322001