Littlehampton man 'very reluctantly' declares war over parking fine

Parking tickets are the bane of many a motorist's existence, but one Littlehampton man has taken his war on trigger-happy traffic wardens to the next level.

Ross Morgan, 75, with his box ready to be sealed
Ross Morgan, 75, with his box ready to be sealed

Ross Morgan, 75, parked his car on a grass verge opposite his favourite drinking haunt, The Steam Packet in Terminus Road, as he has done once a week since moving to the area in March.

Despite parking among several other cars, far away from the road, the disabled badge holder was horrified to find his car – and only his car – had been ticketed for parking on double yellow lines.

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After having his appeal rejected in an ‘arrogant and officious manner’, Ross decided he would pay his fine, but he was not going to make it easy for council officers to access it.

Ross Morgan, 75, with his box ready to be sealed

“I have very reluctantly declared way on Arun District Council,” said the South Terrace resident.

“I’ve made a box and put the £35 in legal tender quantities of coinage in it,

“With a bit of luck, it should take at least an hour to open the box as I have glued it shut.

“It should then take about another hour to count the coins.

“The time wasted will be far more costly than any benefit from this cynical jobsworth manner of raising revenue.

“I have never done anything of this sort before, but this extreme bloody mindedness has made my blood boil.”

The box would be sealed with a see-through perspex top, he said, to avoid causing a security alert but insisted it would not make it any less difficult to open.

He said he hoped it would make the council think twice about using him as a means of 'generating revenue' through arbitrary parking fines.

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