MAGAZINE: A guide to ‘modern’ etiquette

Our use of technology is increasing, seemingly by the day, but while things like mobile phones and social media have changed the way we communicate, many believe they have also contributed to a decline in manners.

Guide to modern etiquette
Guide to modern etiquette

How many of us have interrupted a conversation to take a call, or will happily update our Twitter or Facebook page rather than communicate with someone face-to-face?

As well as the way we communicate, things like e-cigarettes have also entered modern life, and for many of us there’s confusion over when and where it is acceptable to use them.

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A survey commissioned by Puritane has found that over 60% of people think that using an e-cigarette should not be banned indoors like conventional cigarettes, but what does the expert think? Should we vape indoors? Can we vape at our friend’s dinner parties?

Guide to modern etiquette

Lucky for us, William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette and Royal protocol expert is on hand to give us the new etiquette rules of 21st century living?

Watch the video where William gives us the dos and don’ts of modern life.

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