MAGAZINE: Live TV discussion on children's education and career paths

We all want what's best for our children, especially when it comes to their education and their career paths.

But with today’s young people living in a world that is very different to how things were in ‘our day’, there are all sorts of pressures and outside influences that didn’t exist when we were younger.

This is especially true when it comes to helping young people pursue their career dreams, work out what they want to be and do with their lives and choose an education or vocational path that can help them get there.

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New research from the Army, to launch its new Soldier recruitment campaign ‘A Better You’, shows that despite living in an uncertain world of social unrest, economic difficulties, and terrorism, Generation Z fear they face a more uncertain future than their parents and as such will have to work harder in life to achieve their goals.

And despite this uncertainty they are optimistic and ambitious, with the majority wanting to become better versions of themselves and they feel confident that they will meet their full potential and succeed in life.

So how can we as parents support, encourage and develop our children to ensure they make the decisions in life that will lead to a happy, healthy and successful life and career?

Join the live TV panel of guests including TV presenters and busy working parents Alex Kramer and Jemma Forte and a studio audience as they talk about how they helped their children reach their career goals. They will also be joined by a mother who can talk about her experiences of having a son in the Army.


Alex Kramer is a busy working mum to 2 children and manages to combine juggling motherhood with a successful TV career. Alex has appeared on countless TV shows including Liquid News and Going for Gold. She also anchors the coverage for the Hay Festival. She is a bright, funny, fearless, and hardworking mum who always has something to say.

Jemma Forte is a well-established TV presenter (Disney, National Lottery Live, House Price Challenge, The Wright Stuff) actress and a successful author writing ‘Me and Miss M, and most recently ‘From London With Love’ (The film rights have been recently bought by Working Title films). She is also a full-time working mum to 2 children.

Alex Kramer, Jemma Forte and a panel of parents join live online at on Monday 18th January at 12pm.