MAGAZINE: The ultimate fish and wine pairing masterclass

CEO of Billingsgate Seafood Training School CJ Jackson and wine expert Douglas Blyde give top tips to prepare seafood and advice on the perfect wine to accompany it.

Muscadet & Fish Masterclass
Muscadet & Fish Masterclass

When dining out with your friends or family do you want to feel confident when recommending a particular wine with fish?

Or have you ever wanted to recreate your favorite seafood dishes at home, with the right wine to complement them?

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Watch as cooking enthusiasts take on the challenge of sourcing some of the best and freshest seafood in the UK’s largest fish market. See how they learn from Billingsgate’s CEO CJ Jackson how to prepare different types of seafood and wine expert Douglas Blyde shares his expertise on finding the perfect Muscadet to match these mouth-watering dishes.

For some fantastic fish tips watch our video and impress your friends, family and colleagues with your expert seafood and wine pairing knowledge.