Magazine: What’s it like to lose your sight?

Every 15 minutes someone in the UK starts to lose their sight, so what’s it like to be told that your vision is failing and what kind of support can you expect? Watch the following video from RNIB to find out.
Whats it like to lose your sight?Whats it like to lose your sight?
Whats it like to lose your sight?

Liz was diagnosed with macular degeneration ten years ago. When she lost her sight Liz was scared, frightened and in complete and utter shock. Nobody explained to Liz about the details of her condition and she needed somebody to give her emotional support to help her deal with her situation.

New research reveals that almost half of all eye clinics in the UK do not offer any practical or emotional support to people who are going blind. So if you heard the words ‘I’m sorry, you’re losing your sight and there’s nothing more we can do’ what support would you expect to help you rebuild your life?

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Watch our video where Liz tells her story, sight loss advisers talk about the work they do to support people with sight loss and find out why RNIB is calling for an increase in the number of sight loss advisers in UK eye clinics.

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