Mayor helps celebrate Grand Opening of Community Hub

Ribbon cutting at the Grand OpeningRibbon cutting at the Grand Opening
Ribbon cutting at the Grand Opening
Worthing Churches Homeless Projects (WCHP) has announced the transformation of the charity's Littlehampton Community Hub.

Volunteers from GSK spent the day redecorating the hub, which is based at the Littlehampton United Church, to fit a nautical theme to give it a refreshed and friendly atmosphere. All the paint supplies were donated by Littlehampton Wickes.

To celebrate, WCHP held a Grand Opening at 8am on Wednesday, October 11.

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Mayor of Littlehampton Town Council, Billy Blanchard-Cooper, attended the grand opening to cut the ceremonial ribbon and to support the charity. The volunteers from GSK came along to see their hard work come together and to see what a difference their time made.

Caitlin Mulholland, community fundraiser, said: “It was a lovely morning for the clients to meet the people who helped make this all happen and to understand how much the community cares.

“WCHP want to help create a better life for all those suffering in our community and you’re helping to make that happen. It is incredible just how much some paint and pictures on the wall help brighten the place up and effectively makes a positive impact on everyone’s wellbeing.

“We wanted to redecorate the place so that we could create a better environment for their clients and thanks to GSK and Wickes, we were able to do that. We are so grateful for their support and hope they know how much of a difference they have made.”

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WCHP is based in Littlehampton, Worthing and Horsham, helping those homeless and insecurely housed in the community.

From WCHP’s community hubs, which offer specialist care and support and a much needed breakfast to accommodation and move on housing, the charity offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients.

To find out more about the charity, visit the Facebook page at or the website at