Meet Bruno, the cat taking the internet by storm with his antics in Worthing

A friendly cat with a mind of his own has become so well-known in Worthing, he now has his own Facebook page.

Rudi Ridgewell with Bruno, a cat that gets up to all sorts of scrapes in Worthing
Rudi Ridgewell with Bruno, a cat that gets up to all sorts of scrapes in Worthing

Bruno is taking the internet by storm, clocking up nearly 1,000 likes in two days after The Adventures of Master Bruno was launched last Wednesday.

Owner Rudi Ridgewell, of South Farm Road, is often having to collect his cat but says it is never a problem for people as Bruno is so laid back.

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Bruno is often seen at Worthing railway station, he was the first customer of 2019 at Flowers 4, in Oxford Road, Worthing, and he was in Tesco on January 2 – then, the same day, he had to be rescued from Worthing Library.

Rudi said: “He has become a local hero around the area I live in. Everyone knows him and it just adds to his character that he’s bigger than your average cat. He’s easily the same as a middle-sized dog.

“It’s got to the point now where I’m always curious to where he’ll end up next. He does always come home, just in his own time. Unless of course he’s doing a classic Bruno and entering someone’s house on his own accord, then I will have to go and pick him up.”

Rudi has had Bruno for about two years. He first met him at The Broadwater pub, where a friend of his mum, Kelly Macdonald, worked.

Rudi said: “He belonged to the owner and when I was told she was looking to re-home him, I took him straightaway. His adventures started about a month after having him.

Rudi Ridgewell with Bruno, a cat that gets up to all sorts of scrapes in Worthing

“Every so often, he wouldn’t come home for a day or so and we would receive a call from someone saying he had somehow got into their home, a shop or even their car and for myself to go and pick him up.

“They would always say how friendly he is and how laid back he is, so it was never really a problem to whoever he had found himself with. He’d always be asleep when I got to wherever he was. Sometimes he was making friends with people or dogs. He really does not care.

“It received a lot of attention from the first time posting about it on my Facebook. People constantly said I should make his own page to keep everyone updated on what he was up to. I only recently made a page for him, which hit just under 1,000 likes in two days.”

Bruno is often seen at Worthing railway station and has been rescued from Worthing Library and Tesco, among other places