Men aged 45 to 80 offered free prostate blood tests in Worthing

Prostate problems affect one in every two men at some stage of their lives.

The prostate blood tests are simple and free. Picture: Steve Robards
The prostate blood tests are simple and free. Picture: Steve Robards

It could be an infection, enlargement or cancer – in fact, one in eight men will develop prostate cancer, with those of African-Caribbean origin and those with a family history of the disease being two to three times more at risk.

Worthing Lions is helping men to identify issues early, by supporting free PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood tests.

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This simple test measures the amount of antigen, produced by the prostate, entering the blood. It is not a direct test for cancer but a moderately-raised reading can be an indicator of a prostate problem and a high reading should trigger further tests to determine if there is a need for any treatment.

Without screening, around 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. It is now the leading cancer found in men. Around 11,700 men die of this disease annually, one every 48 minutes.

Catching the cancer in the early stages can mean cure rates are dramatically improved, with more than 80 per cent success.

General symptoms of problems with the prostate are a frequent need to urinate, especially at night, bursting to urinate; slow flow, difficult, painful, stop/start and dribbling; or blood in the urine.

Sussex, Dorset and Hampshire are all covered by the charity PCaSO (Prostate Cancer Support Organisation) and Worthing Lions is supporing the annual free testing day for this area.

A spokesman for the PCaSAO said: “We believe overwhelmingly in giving men the right to decision making about their own health choices.

“We are continuing with our commitment to a PSA testing programme. and have tested more than 10,000 men across the region since 2013.

“Some leading clinicians believe all men aged over 50 should know their PSA and have regular yearly tests. Swedish researchers say PSA testing every man aged 45 to 49 would predict nearly half of all prostate cancer deaths.”

The next free testing day is on Saturday, September 8, at Methold House, Guild Care Day Centre, North Street, Worthing. Appointments are available from 10am to 3pm for all men aged 45 to 80 years of age.

Kathy added: “The testing will be conducted by trained personnel and phlebotomists taking a blood sample from a vein in the arm. Results will be posted and arrive approximately seven to ten days after the event.”

It is essential to book an appointment time, either by phoning 0845 650 2555 (premium rate call) or email [email protected]