Motoring club and charity garage sale

AN EAGER crowd waited patiently for the opening of a mammoth garage sale in Bexhill on Saturday - with one bargain hunter heading the queue an hour before the proceedings began.

The sale, which was held to raise funds for Bexhill Caring Community, The MS Society and Bexhill 100 motoring club, was held at the Terminus Avenue home of Bexhill 100 club members Charlie and Frances Rowland.

There were many stalls offering a wide range of interesting items to keep shoppers happy including books, clothes, bric a brac, pictures, car accessories, toys, potted plants and a selection of walking sticks.

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Bexhill 100 club members provided the catering with an early breakfast barbecue, offering sizzling bacon butties provided by chef Barry Lawson, along with teas and coffees cheerfully served by Fiona Hemsworth.

Fiona said the day was a 'joint effort' between the two charities and the motoring club and they'd had a very good response when a call was put out for donations and for volunteers to help on the day.

She said; "Everyone's been very, very helpful."

The day proved to be a great success for all concerned and the totals raised were: MS Society 212.50; Bexhill Caring Community 48.17; Bexhill 100 235.50.

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