Moyra's protests continue

SHOREHAM grandmother Moyra Martin joined other activists to blockade the entrance to an atomic weapons site.

Mrs Martin was part of a group taking part in the Block the Builders campaign at the Aldermaston factory, in Berkshire, on Monday, December 11.

Protesters used lock-on tubes, D-locks and a wheelie bin filled with concrete to prevent construction vehicles, including cement lorries and a crane, from entering the site.

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The peaceful blockade lasted two hours while police cleared the road with the help of specialist cutting equipment. Seven people were arrested.

Mrs Martin said: "Building work continues at Aldermaston, in spite of the supposed 'debate' we were promised.

"Millions of pounds of our money are being invested in new facilities, including work on the Orion Laser site, which is a key facility for the future of Britain's weapons of mass destruction project.

"We must all do what we can to prevent this. Trident is an instrument for bullying and mindless, unrestrained violence. It belongs to a mindset of threat, hatred and fear and is the very opposite of what we need at this critical stage in the history of the human race."

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