New health and wellness concept Coached opens in Portslade

New fitness concept Coached will open its doors to the public on Monday March 13 at its prominent location in Portslade on the seafront road leading into Brighton and Hove.
Coached, artist impressionCoached, artist impression
Coached, artist impression

Coached is a new fitness programme designed to transform lives permanently through enhanced physical, mental and emotional fitness.

The concept includes a new health and wellness space plus quality coaching, online education programmes and a strong community focus. Coached will host its grand opening night on Tuesday March 14 at 7pm which will be an informal event, open to all, including a champagne reception, guided tours of the facility and ‘fireside chats’ with Coached experts.

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Coached is the creation of local fitness entrepreneurs Sol Gilbert and Alan McGuinness, founders of the award-winning and multisite fitness space Underground Gym. Their new concept is aimed at those who want to improve their health and fitness but may not feel comfortable in a traditional gym.

Co-founder Alan McGuiness says: “We realise that there are a lot of people out there that want to commit to a healthier life but are stuck in a rut or worried about making that change, concerned about judgemental looks in gyms or that it may be too difficult, and stressed that they may fail.”

Coached is rooted in a holistic approach that aims to work with both mind and body. Alan says: “When we talk about getting you into shape, we’re not just talking about the body. We’re talking mindset, attitude and emotional fitness, too.

“It’s not just about what you do in our four walls. It’s how you move outside of them, how you fuel yourself, and how you deal with stress and recovery. At Coached we want to empower lifelong health, wellness, and mental fitness. We help our members achieve this through a field-tested fusion of education, honesty, and empathic accountability.”

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The team at Coached are excited to shake up the fitness world with their new wellbeing programme. Their aim is to help people change their lives permanently. As co-founder Sol Gilbert says: “Our goal is to remove the barriers to lifelong fitness and to support you and your goals for the long haul.”

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