New Yapton homes will mean more misery on roads

Clogged-up roads will result from a new housing estate in Yapton, one of its potential neighbours has claimed.

Nicola Sayers said she was sure many other residents around the village were also concerned about the impact of the 173 planned homes.

She said: “An additional 173 homes would, no doubt, mean a minimum of an additional 173 cars on the road, if not double that, every morning and evening.

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“There are no local jobs available. So, the new residents would be forced to commute through the villages to the A259 and A27, congesting the access roads even more than they are currently.

“Not to mention the poor residents of Goodhew Close who will not only have to put up with months of disruption and disturbance during the building work but would be subjected to a continual stream of traffic during the morning commute and school runs.

“Currently, during months of heavy rain there are a handful of roads in and around The Peregrines that flood.

“We are concerned this situation would only be exacerbated by the loss of the fields as they provide good run-off and drainage surfaces.”

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Miss Sayers, of Johnson Way, lives in a terraced house which backs on the field which could be buried under concrete if the proposals by Gleeson Homes are approved.

This will mean the loss of the fields they can see from their property.

“It saddens me deeply to think I could lose sight of those meadows and hedgerows and that I moved to the countryside for.

“My partner and I can’t stress enough we are opposed to this development going ahead,” she said.

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“Not only would it affect us materially, economically and environmentally but I feel emotionally as well.

“The building work would undoubtedly disrupt our lives greatly.”

As reported, villagers attended a meeting last month to protest about the proposals. They are being considered by Arun District Council.