New Year’s resolutions? Sussex people ditch them in the first month

Although many people in Sussex started 2015 with New Year’s resolutions, more than a third of them will have given them up by February.


New research conducted by Stonebridge Associated Colleges about New Year’s resolutions suggests 39% of those in Sussex give up by the end of January.

Although 68% of those in the region started the year with great intentions, more than half of those will soon have fallen off the wagon.

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Stonebridge says that it seems we are ignoring the changes we really want to make. Despite a clear awareness of dissatisfaction and even unhappiness in employment, addressing these occupational woes wasn’t on the agenda for 2015.

Although 67% of Sussex would consider retraining in order to progress a career goal, only 8% of people made a resolution to take up a training course in 2015.

The top three resolutions in the area also had a surprising absence of intentions towards our professional lives.

Particularly as 49% of people in Sussex said they don’t feel they are in the best job for them and 20% went as far as stating they are unhappy in their current work.

In light of these poor efforts, it’s no surprise that almost half of resolution makers in Sussex pick the same resolution every year. The most popular New Year’s resolutions were: to lose weight (55%) closely followed by eating healthier (39%) and finally 19% of want to clear their debts. All valid goals, but none of which assist the frustrations that a huge number have in their current employment.

But why so complacent? Stonebridge says it could be excusable if hectic lifestyles or family pressures were to blame but sadly the explanation is far more straightforward. More than a quarter admitted, they just get bored of their resolutions! Closely followed by 23% of people, who just weren’t enjoying it anymore.

Wayne Janse Van Rensburg the CEO of Stonebridge Associated Colleges said: “It’s around this time in January we begin to waiver and forget our plans to improve ourselves and our lives in the coming year. People seem to be settling for less and sticking with what they know professionally, even when they don’t enjoy it. Perhaps people don’t realise the options available now to assist their progression. Our courses enable you to learn whilst working around your lifestyle and commitments.”

Almost half of the people surveyed admitted they are holding back on pursuing their dream job because they don’t know where to start. But like most industries education has been revolutionised by the internet, making courses more accessible, flexible and affordable. Stonebridge Associated Colleges is one of the largest home learning colleges in the UK with students enjoying quality distance learning courses that are offered in a wide range of subjects. This means that students can gain valuable qualifications with the convenience and flexibility of studying from home.

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