Accidents will happen here

Well '“ it had to happen, I guess.

The new Tesco Express in South Farm Road was always going to cause traffic chaos and now I've seen haw dangerous it really is.

Many mornings when taking my son to school I have seen delivery lorries parked in the delivery bay, with another lorry parked on the double yellow lines on the opposite side waiting to make a delivery.

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This causes absolute mayhem with the traffic at the best of times, but last week I saw one car caught on the level crossing when the barriers were trying to close.

The gates were hesitating and pinging up and down waiting for the driver to get off the line but he was trapped by the lorry, illegally-parked, half on and half off the pavement on double yellow lines.

I felt so sorry for the poor chap who was very distressed.

When he finally got over the line, he got out of his vehicle and screamed at the driver who nonchalantly sat in his cab (probably with the door firmly locked!).

You may well say the driver should not have entered the yellow hashed box if he couldn't get through, but in this instance I have to say it really was not his fault.

And no '“ there are never any traffic wardens around the area at that time of the day (8.15ish).

Tesco really needs to rethink about accepting deliveries in the rush hour, and certainly should insist only one lorry arrives at any given time, before an accident occurs.

Ruth Touhey


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