Bayside development will be a ‘real asset’ to Worthing

As I’ve stated on a number of occasions, all feedback on this column, positive or negative, is welcome, and at some point I’m hoping to see a letter, or even letters, on the Herald’s opinion pages from people who opposed the Bayside development at the old Aquarena site in Brighton Road, Worthing.
Pupils at Chesswood Junior School created artwork for the Bayside Apartments developmentPupils at Chesswood Junior School created artwork for the Bayside Apartments development
Pupils at Chesswood Junior School created artwork for the Bayside Apartments development

As is their democratic right, some vociferously protested, both in the local media and at the various planning hearings, but ultimately I’m hoping they will admit they got in wrong.

With 18 months to go before the project is completed, sales at the development are at the 50 per cent mark.

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Given the current concerns with the housing market, and the spectre of Brexit hanging over us, this is an amazing statistic.

Coupled with this is the fact there will also be a number of low-rental properties within the building, which will help the youngsters who cannot quite afford the normal rents in the current market.

| Also in the news - staff and police have been praised for their response to an incident at a Worthing school; these are the Worthing streets that have seen the most anti-social behaviour; and a National Express coach which operates between Eastbourne and Bournemouth will no longer stop in Worthing from next month |

I believe opposition to this project, whilst obviously well meaning, was wrong.

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This development will be a landmark building and a real asset to the town.

And could there be a knock-on effect elsewhere in Worthing?

As part of the project, and since the inception of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in 2015, Roffey, like all developers, has to make a CIL payment to the local authority, to be used on other projects in the borough.

As a side issue, Worthing Borough Council has been getting this money from various sources since 2015, but do they ever publish details of what they spend the money on? Surely that would be great PR for the council.

Roffey’s CIL contribution for this project will be at least a high-end six-figure sum.

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Check out the CIL criteria on the council website and just think what that amount, or even part of it, could do on its own in the town.


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