Building on city’s success

Brighton and Hove is one of the UK’s economic success stories: employment has grown by around 11 per cent over the past five years to 140,000, and the number of businesses has increased by about a fifth to 16,000.

Gavin Stewart
Gavin Stewart

The ICT and digital sector has grown by more than 40 per cent in a decade and tourism supports one in five posts.

We want to ensure we stay ahead of the game, so over the last 18 months Brighton and Hove Economic Partnership, along with Brighton and Hove City Council, has been talking to people across the city, hosting consultation events and conducting more than 50 face to face interviews.

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Thanks to the input of partners we have a new five year Economic Strategy for Brighton and Hove which sets out to establish us as one of the UK’s most economically vibrant, inclusive and future-facing cities.

Nancy Platts, Brighton and Hove’s lead councillor for the economy, says: “Brighton and Hove is a trailblazer for economic and social change in the region and nationally.

“The new economic strategy sets out a dynamic action plan to build on the city’s reputation for creativity and innovation to deliver fair and sustainable business growth.”

As the UK continues its journey out of the EU, our city needs to remain open to trade, skills and ideas. 

Locations in the UK and internationally are increasingly competitive.

Significant barriers including under-employment, a scarcity of jobs and dominance of lower paid jobs point to clear evidence that the benefits of success are not equally distributed in the city.

In our new strategy we share a commitment to testing new ideas and innovative approaches.

We’ve identified five themes to deliver economic growth, create prosperity and provide a greater quality of life for all.

- ‘A Growing City’ that will provide the space, infrastructure and support for balanced growth

- ‘An Open City’ to strengthen the city’s identity and reputation for creativity and openness

- ‘A Talented City’ which uses skills and the labour market to drive productivity and inclusive


- ‘A Fair City’ to create  more equality with the benefits of growth reinvested to benefit more


- ‘A Sustainable City’ which promotes a sustainable  economy, minimising  waste and pollution by reusing and recycling.

Over the next five years we want to see more affordable homes, refurbished space for businesses, the creation of jobs for Brighton and Hove residents, and more residents and businesses contributing to solving  the city’s challenges.

Continuing to involve partners in Brighton and Hove and the wider region will enable us to build the city’s resilience and provide a healthy, robust and sustainable economy for everyone.

By Gavin Stewart, executive director, Brighton and Hove Economic Partnership