Are you ready for the upgrade?

A while ago I mentioned that simply closing or dismissing the Windows 10 upgrade prompt does not cancel it. Well it seems it is a wide enough problem that even the BBC have caught on to the story.

JPCT 150713 Alan Stainer. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 150713 Alan Stainer. Photo by Derek Martin

It is a sorry state of affairs when any software company feels the need to force an upgrade on any of its users. In the case of Windows 10, this latest bit of news follows on the heels of Microsoft changing the designation of the upgrade from optional to recommended, meaning many people are finding the upgrade is automatically downloading and prompting them to install.

Also the Get Windows 10 nagware program has ruffled many feathers, with its virus like behaviour. The Register covered the problem is quite good detail.

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Oh and not forgetting the recent forced upgrades that have been going on even after people have already refused them.

I find myself asking one question. Why is this happening?

The answer is of course that Microsoft want as many people as possible to upgrade their Windows 7 and 8.1 machines to Windows 10. The reasons for that though are numerous.

We only have to look back at the problems Microsoft have had with their own success in the form of Windows XP to find one of the reasons. To try to support older technology is not in Microsoft’s best interests and ultimately it is not in our best interests either. If their attention and technical wizardry is focused on out of date products, that means they aren’t putting all of their resources into newer and current products. However big Microsoft may seem, they are still limited by finite resources (as are Google, Apple and any other big business).

Another problem for Microsoft comes from the rise of mobile computing, in the form of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Now more than ever people are turning away from the traditional desktop computer, in favour of light and portable devices which do not run Windows. Microsoft have continually failed to make a dent in the mobile market and with the arrival of Google Play for Chromebooks (which puts the entire arsenal of Android apps at people’s fingertips) they may be getting worried about the laptop market as well.

Whatever their reasons, hackles have been rising all over the world with the onset of Windows 10 upgrades being delivered regardless as to whether they are wanted or not. Especially for anyone who has a poor or metered connection, as those downloads are huge and can bust your limits like there is no tomorrow.

For anyone that has yet to upgrade, you still have until the end of July to upgrade for free. Will you be taking it, or have you been thinking about the alternatives?