Seascape, a nautical-inspired theatrical cocktail bar, takes place on selected nights on the Brighton i360Seascape, a nautical-inspired theatrical cocktail bar, takes place on selected nights on the Brighton i360
Seascape, a nautical-inspired theatrical cocktail bar, takes place on selected nights on the Brighton i360

Brighton i360: How to ride several times and get a free cocktail for almost the same price as a regular ticket

I’m up for cocktails in most locations, but receiving an invite to experience cocktails 450ft from the ground was pretty exciting.

Brighton i360 has opened a nautical-inspired theatrical cocktail bar within its glass pod, featuring handcrafted cocktails skilfully prepared by trained mixologists.

Drawing inspiration from the maritime legends of the 1700s and 1800s, Seascape invites guests to immerse themselves in Brighton’s rich nautical heritage as they enjoy their cocktails while enjoying breath-taking views of the city and the sea.

I’ve always been fascinated by observation towers so this was a dream invite for me – and it didn’t disappoint.

And best of all, the ticket price for this special event (£20) is only £1.50 more than standard i360 tickets (£18.50) and it includes a cocktail of your choice and you can go up and down as many times as you like during the evening.

You’re asked to check in for your voyage 20 minutes ahead of the 9pm start time to allow for security checks.

It also gives you a chance to place an order for your first cocktail, included in the price of your ticket, which can be collected once you enter the pod.

When you go inside you have the choice of sitting at high tables with bar-style chairs or sofas dotted around the pod. There is no bad view given the 360-degree nature of the attraction, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

It takes about 30 minutes to go up and down the tower (including a five-minute stop at the bottom for people to use the facilities), and you can go up and down as many times as you like until it closes.

Visiting in the height of summer (and I use this term loosely as it was incredibly windy and cold for a July evening when we visited) is great as you get the opportunity to take in the vista in daylight and by night. Each is a very different experience, and I loved them both.

Your cocktails are served to your table by one of the expert mixologists. You can choose from a wide variety on the Seascape menu, which is inspired by the ocean.

From classic cocktails with a twist to curated mixtures made with locally sourced spirits and wines, there's definitely something for everyone. The drinks are then adorned with elaborate garnishes that add a touch of theatre.

I tried three during my flights up and down the i360.

The Local Buoy, a mix of Tuaca, ginger beer citric blend and bitters with sea mist, was a lot of fun as the mist kept pouring from the bubbling drink for a good few minutes.

The Sussex Siren, featuring Brighton Pavilion gin, raspberry syrup, citric blend with a vegan foam unveiled under a smoke cloud, had a real zesty kick.

The Lost Bounty, made up of white rum, pineapple juice, coconut puree and strawberry syrup was just like a pina colada – the perfect drink for a sunny summer’s night.

My husband had a Sussex Collins which is Brighton Pavilion gin, citric blend, monin gomme and soda water. He followed it up with a Cherry Reef, made up of vanilla vodka, citric blend, cherry puree and morello cherry served with a sugar tuile – it had a really sour berry kick and he loved it. He also tried a Poseidon’s Poison, a DIY colour change concoction with vanilla vodka, citric blend, elderflower cordial and a chilli kick. He really enjoyed the flavour of the cocktail, but the salt and chilli around the rim of the glass took some getting used to!

It was so relaxing to sit and watch the world go by from above, while enjoying a few tasty drinks. And more than that, it’s just a really unique and lovely experience. I’d recommend it to anyone.

According to the promoters, located 12,530ft above the seafloor Seascape offers panoramic views of Brighton and the surrounding coastline which provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettableevening.

Seascape will be open on select Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. For more information and to book your voyage, visit

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