CHRISTIAN COMMENT Worthing schoolchildren willing to give

As I visit Middle schools in Worthing I am amazed at the wealth of talent in the schools of our town.

In Thomas A Becket Middle, they were celebrating taking the most firsts in the recent cross country event at The Gallops with an 11 minute DVD of the event and the names of the winners.  

Last week, I collected a cheque from Downsbrook Middle who have been raising funds to help their linked Kenyan school, Koma Ranch Primary School, get electricity into the school.  

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There is just the connection to go from the electricity board and then the school will have electricity in every classroom, (wiring already paid for by Downsbrook), and also as a working borehole, so water will be available to all the children too.  

The children of Downsbrook have really enjoyed their link with Kenya, writing pen-pal letters and helping these children.  

Many of the children are orphans and come from the poorest families around.  

Two Christmas’ ago money was sent to the school to buy food during a drought season.

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The Bible says: “Religion that pleases God the Father must be pure and spotless.

“You must help needy orphans and widows and not let this world make you evil.”

As I travel in East Africa I meet such poverty, with no welfare state, no council housing and no NHS, and firstly I am grateful that we have these things in the UK.

Secondly, I am amazed that it is the children here that are so readily willing to help their counterparts over there.  

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It is true that we can easily get compassion fatigue, especially as our bank balances shrink with the latest round of spending cuts, but if we are going to be those who DO what we believe, then if we can help those in need, both here and abroad, we have done what the Bible says.

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