CHURCHES: An invite He will never refuse

Our dog, Bayley, is a cavachon. The bravest little dog in the world, he swims, jumps fences, chases squirrels, pigeons and seagulls.
Littlehampton Churches TogetherLittlehampton Churches Together
Littlehampton Churches Together

He tells off the biggest dogs if they might steal his ball. The only way he might hurt a big dog is if he gets stuck in their throat.

If you meet Bayley, no need to fear him; he has the charm of a matinee idol as he rolls over to show you his belly.

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Not sure why he thinks that anything you might see will impress you, but it works every time and everyone rubs his belly and says how lovely he is.

Rev Martin Seymour, Pastor of  Littlehampton Baptist ChurchRev Martin Seymour, Pastor of  Littlehampton Baptist Church
Rev Martin Seymour, Pastor of Littlehampton Baptist Church

Bayley listens to our conversation like a student of languages waiting to hear a word he might know: dinner, walk, lead, car and ‘be quick’, his invite to mark his territory.

When he recognises a word, his head will turn so far to the right or left that it looks like it might become unhinged.

We have a young lady friend, who was never attracted to dogs, or able to understand why you would want one in your life, until she met Bayley.

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She jogs or walks along the seafront. If Bayley sees her, he is off. She may be a way off, but nothing will stop him closing the gap to show her he knows who she is.

I was once an unbeliever, never was a part of the Church, didn’t feel the need for it and didn’t understand why others had Jesus in their life. Others have also never met Jesus, and they avoid Him at all costs.

I know from my own experience that it’s usually because you have never met Him, spent time with him. But those who have started to look for Him, He sees them from a long way off.

He closes the gap; nothing will stop Him. He knows who you are and He listens for certain words like ‘come into my life’. That’s an invite He will never refuse.

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Those who have found Him and are charmed by His promises and excited by His good news, they then want everyone else to get to know him and see for themselves that He is worth knowing, He is worth having in your life and He is such a joy to have around.

This world, this country and this town could do with a lot more of Jesus than it has at the moment, so put aside any fears or misgivings and take a look at Jesus.

There is a branch of His church open near you this coming Sunday. Be good to see you.

Rev Martin Seymour

Pastor, Littlehampton Baptist Church


Upcoming events

• Messy Church on Friday from 3.15pm to 5pm at All Saints Church, Wick (opposite Morrisons roundabout). Open to all families.

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• The Littlehampton Academy will be celebrating its 9th Prayer Week from Monday. Students will spend their RS lessons looking at issues such as forgiveness, self-esteem, loss and wellbeing. Chaplain Paul Sanderson said: “We pray at TLA using sand, water, plastic bottles and lots and lots of post-it notes!” The prayer space is open to the public on Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm.

• Littlehampton Quakers are holding a plant sale and coffee morning at Friends Meeting House, Church Street on Saturday, May 5, from 10.30am to noon. Jayne Dance will also be there to sign copies of her illustrated book for children, ‘Dancing with Ruby’. Proceeds will go to the Access for All redevelopment project.

• Lyminster Church re-opening service with the Bishop of Chichester is on Sunday, May 6 from 11am at St Mary Magdalene Church, Lyminster.

• The Oddments Theatre Company present ‘The Hiding Place’, the riveting story of Corrie ten Boom who set about saving Jews from the Nazi menace. Wednesday, May 23 at 7.30pm at Littlehampton Baptist Church (next to library). Advance tickets are £10. Only 80 places available. To book phone 01903 717961.


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