Fathers' Day: Saluting all the dad-taxis of the world

Over half term, my daughter was invited to a playdate at her friend's house.

Her mum said she'd text me later in the day, let me know how they were getting on and arrange a pick-up time.

The text came through later that afternoon, and said: "Girls having a great time. They want you to come and pick up at 8pm. That's fine with me if you're ok with it?"

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Wah! was my response.

Katherine and her dad Pete – King of the Dad-Taxis

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Not because I was in any way upset at my friend, or the idea of my daughter staying up a bit later in a school holiday. She's allowed to go to bed later from time-to-time at home.

No, the issue was that this was going to get in the way of me changing into my comfies.

Because, as soon as I'm home for the day, with no realistic chance of needing to go out again or have anyone pop round, you'll find me in my pyjamas or loungewear.

Doesn't matter if it's 2pm, if I'm home and the coast is clear, the proper clothes are coming off!

Like a trooper, I stuck it out in my jeans and t-shirt, did my child-ferrying shift, and finally got to slump on the sofa in a less-than-flattering Mickey Mouse two-piece after 8.30pm.

But, especially with Father's Day on Sunday, it got me thinking about all the times my legend of a dad did this for me.

And not just as early as at 8pm.

My dependable dad taxi spent years and years dropping me to friends' houses, and as I got older, into Brighton for nights out.

Then, for good measure, he'd pick me up later in the evening/sometimes in the early hours of the morning. And he'd drop all my friends home, too.

It almost beggars belief, but as a selfish teenager, more concerned with which bars were doing 2for1 offers on Reefs or stocked a wide range of Bacardi Breezer flavours, it never really occurred to me that my dad might like to sit at home with a couple of glasses of wine, and go to bed at a reasonable time.

Don't get me wrong, I never had to twist his arm to be my chauffeur. He was always quite willing, and said he just wanted to ensure I got to and from places safely. But with the wisdom of my 40 years, and at the beginning of my parental taxi career, I am viewing his sacrifices with fresh eyes.

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