Finding our priorities in a year like no other | Kelly Brown

‘Social distancing’, ‘furlough’, ‘home learning’, ‘the new normal’. Who knew these words and phrases would be a part of our every day conversation a year ago?

Greetings by bumping elbows. Picture by Shutterstock
Greetings by bumping elbows. Picture by Shutterstock

But here we are, 12 months on from the start of the UK’s first covid lockdown and it is fair to say this year has been like no other in living memory for the large majority of us.

The pictures of empty streets and empty supermarket shelves will stay with us for a very long time, as will our memories of a new way of life which cut out so much of the human contact we had previously taken for granted. 

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The pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone - whether you are working on the front lines, lost loved ones, helped your children learn from home or have simply spent more time at home then you ever thought possible.

I know I for one am sick of the sight of the same four walls each day.

But most of all I’m fed up of missing people. Of not being able to nip round the corner for a cuppa with a friend or jump in the car and have a day out with extended family.

It is going to feel weird when instead of giving people an awkward wave we can actually give then a hug. (I feel like I’ll need an instruction manual to remind me how, as well as the calming voice of chief medical officer Chris Whitty in the background telling me that, yes, it is actually allowed now.)

It has been hard to see the positives over the past year, but if nothing else the pandemic has shown us what our real priorities are, that is the ones we love and miss the most.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere and we are slowly heading towards it.

And when we get there let’s all make sure we take a moment to really appreciate what we have. Because we really didn’t know what we had until it was gone.