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n What is your professional background?

• What is your professional background?

I have worked in marketing and events for over ten years for a number of different businesses and organisations. Since graduating a decade ago, I have grabbed many opportunities with a multitude of brands; from global retail to Olympic events and broadcasters. Most recently I have been working with Bourne Leisure. Now I am a mum of two and want to live flexibly, hence going freelance.

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• Love it or loath it, is social media something that businesses of all sizes need to embrace?

Rachel Markie

Social media is definitely here to stay. Our world is adapting to social media and businesses need to embrace the power of the platforms. Social media gives businesses of any size the capability to communicate directly with their target consumer, regardless of location. It allows businesses to build communities of engaged, loyal followers that want to purchase from them and advocate their brand. It opens up efficient advertising opportunities that businesses would struggle to reach otherwise without huge budgets.

• Social media can be a bit baffling if you’re new to it. What’s the best way forward for business owners?

My first bit of advice is to really think about your target audience. How old are they? What are their interests? Where do they live and who with? What kind of disposable income do they have? Once you have this information, you can start understanding what kind of media they might consume and how they might use social media. You should also research social media platforms that fit with your target audience persona and start showing up on these networks. Start engaging with these people and building relationships of trust with your brand. There are lots of free online courses on how to get to grips with social media and understand the basics. For example, Facebook’s blueprint course is great for understanding how the platform works and how you can leverage it to work for your business – I also offer one-to-one or group training and masterclasses. My next workshop is on August 25 at 6pm, called ‘Plan Your Social Media Content Until Christmas’.

• How do you approach coaching people in social media?

First and foremost, I get to know the business owner and what they want to achieve. We then decide what route would be better for them. If it is just a quick top up of knowledge, I offer one-to-one Power Hours or Nurture Packages that allow them to increase their skills in a bespoke, quick and relevant way to their business. Some of my clients are looking for a little bit more support, so I offer package comprising a written strategy that is rich with research on their business and its position in the market. I then coach them through the process of delivering this. My main aim is to empower business owners to get the most out of digital marketing and to understand its power.

• Where can we find out more?

Visit my website at