It’s a windy and wet January!

WOW, what a week it’s been weather-wise, eh, Chipsters?

The week started warm, then it got really cold. And some days it was dry, and on others it was really wet.

And on Tuesday there was an amazing hail storm – we were out on the playground and it was like being hit by lots of frozen peas!

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There’s also been quite a lot of rain, hasn’t there? Normally, I don’t like rain, Chipsters, as it makes my fur go all fluffy – once it’s dried out, that is, and it takes absolutely ages!

But at the moment, I’m loving the rain, as I’ve got a great new waterproof coat and a pair of wellies!

Some of the other boys at school don’t like wearing coats because they say it’s not cool. But I say it’s definitely not cool to get freezing cold and soaked to the skin, and I’m sure you all agree with me, don’t you, Chipsters!

Plus, with my coat and wellies, I can spend ages out in the rain and also get to play my new favourite game – jumping in puddles as hard as I can!

These new wellies are just amazing for that, Chipsters. I can splash about as much as I like and my paws stay lovely and dry!

The only bad thing about this weather was that part of the fence in our garden blew down in the wind. Daddy tried to repair it but ended up getting a splinter in his finger and his socks got wet through his shoes. I told him he should have worn some wellies like mine!

Chip chip for now,