Nik Butler: Immigration undermines our community and way of life

It occurs to me that Horsham Town suffers from a consistent immigration problem. Daily I notice that school placement allocations, jobs, car parking space, and NHS Dentist availability are being lost to the increasing number of unwanted immigrants who enter our town and take those opportunities for themselves. Through all of this it is the hard working Horsham residents, who are entitled to those opportunities, that are losing out.

Every year revenue raised through council tax and business rates continues to pay for these facilities and to improve the infrastructure. In turn these local improvements enable a mass immigration which continues to affect our town. It is time we brought a stop to the continued invasion of Southwater, Broadbridge Heath, and Cowfold, into our tiny rural market town.

More should be done to encourage those communities to create their own jobs and to extend their own education infrastructure. Otherwise we are just encouraging them to leech off of Horsham. They come here and take advantage of all the opportunities created through our tax funded facilities.

When are we going to stand up to this constant free ride that is provided at the local taxpayer’s expense? Is it not time that Horsham residents stopped paying taxes into a pot which benefits other non Horsham places?

When are we going to leave this District union which forces us to follow the mandates of councils who have no experience of what it is like to live in this town? Whilst we are at it what are we doing to stop the daily emigration of talented workers from Horsham to other cities. We should discourage this “live here, work there” attitude which undermines the value of Horsham’s community. An attitude which treats us as nothing more than another place to sleep. You should be proud to be a member of Horsham Town and if you cannot commit to living and working here then you should move elsewhere. Once we resolve these issues maybe we can turn our attention to the imbalance between the wards of our town; truly what is their contribution to our society?

Maybe we need a Horsham Parished Independence Party to protect the values of communities that have the ability to set their own taxes.

These arguments are of course ridiculous; so why should a change of scale from town and district to country and union make it any less so?