Nik Butler: Surprising lack of ire over surgery consultation shenanigans

There are protest groups who assemble at the drop of a leaflet to campaign against new homes.
JPCT 120314 S14110969x Nik Butler -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-141203-095917001JPCT 120314 S14110969x Nik Butler -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-141203-095917001
JPCT 120314 S14110969x Nik Butler -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-141203-095917001

There are websites and angry letters written to the editor in the hint that established lifestyles may be affected by change.

Where then are the emotive comments, outraged statements, and letters of disbelief at the plans to relocate several Horsham GP surgeries? Are we that ambivalent to the state of our National Health Service under funding and mismanagement that we glibly accept a few Facebook assurances that all will be well.

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Surely by now there could be flyers, websites and Facebook pages requesting likes, in the face of the ongoing slicing, dicing and diminishing, of services which each one of us pays for as part of our own National Insurance and Employer’s contributions.

Is there genuinely an acceptance that the few carefully repeated consultancy phrases can assuage any doubt that things are being dismantled under our feet? I realise that provision of a Health Service freely accessible for every individual is not as personally important as the sale of your house or the view from your kitchen window but when that sniffle wont go away and your breathing is becoming just a little harder that is not the time to ask why it’s difficult to get to the your local GP, or why there appears to be fewer surgeries, despite the insistence by a council that we need more houses.

Speaking of the repeated insistence that new houses are required for a growing population; just how does the maths equate the growing population with a plan to reduce the locations at which our GPs are available.

Indeed does this plan not make a mockery of the suggestions that the North Horsham Development will certainly see a new surgery after all? I rather think we all know the answers yet the questions never appear to be asked.

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As someone who has seen a personal benefit from the provision of the NHS and for whom private healthcare will forever, thanks to Asthma, be not an option I believe that we cannot allow those discussions to go any further.

We should not forget how easily they removed other services from this District and the many failed promises to replace them. How about it Horsham, what is it that genuinely makes you angry? The developments, the expansions, or the continuing dismantling of your National Health Services?