The huge opportunity Brexit gives Sussex farmers

Few farmers voted for Brexit believing it would deliver a land of ‘Milk and Honey’.

Carola Irvine SUS-190218-110248001
Carola Irvine SUS-190218-110248001

We did so for a multitude of reasons, not least to ensure we escape the manipulative, and growing influence and control of un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.

My friend and fellow farmer Graeme Upton spoke for us all when he said, “I happen to think as a farmer I will benefit from the knowledge I upheld the beliefs of millions of Britain’s who died, so we could choose our destiny good or bad. By voting Leave, our children also get to keep that choice.”

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We never thought Brexit would be simple. However, the rewards as we escape the clutches of the Common Agricultural Policy, and manufacturing and businesses redeem the freedom to increase UK market share, and globally, will ensure we regain opportunities which have for too long been denied us.

Carola Godman Irvine

British farmers are the best, we produce top quality food which is highly sought after at home and abroad. Shoppers are increasingly discerning and health conscious, as they turn their backs on processed foods, recognised as a cause of obesity and ill health. They trust us to produce high quality food, and ethically care for our livestock.

Brexit opens doors which we must walk through grasping this opportunity. The road may be rocky but the rewards will be great. Land and rent prices will fall, we must adjust and improve marketing, and bring on board the young with their skills and innovative ideas for future development.

Some incomes will rise and some will fall but in time they will level out. The government has already offered a safety net to sheep farmers, the sector most concerned.

British farming has always evolved, Brexit allows us and the nation to grasp a wealth of opportunities. We shall prosper on our terms.

Carola Godman Irvine