The joys of muddy puddle walks | Kelly Brown

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ... Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for!

Mischievous preschooler child wearing yellow rain boots walking by muddy road. By Shutterstock
Mischievous preschooler child wearing yellow rain boots walking by muddy road. By Shutterstock

Yes, of course, “jumping in muddy puddles” isn’t a new phenomenon. I’m reliably informed that I frequented a fair few puddles myself when I was a child.
But the TV character Peppa Pig, who for the uninitiated positively promotes the activity as her favourite game, has taken it just that bit further, meaning that my daughter (and many other small people) continually ask to go out just to do this.

This weekend was no different when we headed out for a lovely autumnal walk at our local country park, which ticked all of the boxes for me and my children.

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For me it’s just getting out for a walk, enjoying the fresh air and spending some time together away from the screens (both big and small) at home.

For my son, it is the trees that are the favourite part of any woodland walk as he, of course, just loves climbing them. And, for my girl, it is those puddles that are her star attraction and the reason why, at the age of eight, she still goes through as many clothes as a messy toddler.

No sooner had we stepped out of the car than my daughter had found her first pile of mud to squidge her way through in boots she had carefully selected to ensure mud and puddles were a priority.

But, of course, while her feet and socks may remain perfectly dry and clean, her boots do not possess the magic ability to stop the rest of her getting muddy ... no matter what she may think!

Splash after splash saw mud appear on her trousers, then her top and hoodie, like a little badge of honour.

Mind you, she was far from alone as I saw many a small person positively caked in mud to the point where you would definitely want to hose them down before letting them back into your car! 

It also makes you want to be a child all over again as, alas, I’m not sure jumping in muddy puddles is a socially acceptable activity for a grown-up!