Time to join the staycationers after our holiday was finally cancelled | Kelly Brown

My holiday has finally been cancelled - and I’m delighted. (Not something I ever thought I would say!)

Our columnist loves a trip to the seaside. Picture by Shutterstock
Our columnist loves a trip to the seaside. Picture by Shutterstock

But after much faffing and waiting, our family holiday to France - originally booked in 2019! - has been officially cancelled by the travel company meaning we were finally free to join the great masses attempting a staycation this year.

I say attempting because trying to find something which both fits in with annual leave dates and does not require a new mortgage are a little on the thin side.

Not that I was expecting any different mind you. I’ve been impatiently watching the availability dwindle while prices rocket over the past few months as more and more people opt for a staycation this year whilst being unable to join them until we knew what is happening with our own break.

Of course I do feel a little sad about our originally holiday which was booked at a time when no-one had heard the word ‘coronavirus’ and if you uttered the phrase ‘social distancing’ to someone they would have assumed you had totally lost the plot. But the constant uncertainty means I’m glad we finally know what is going on and can make alternative arrangements.

Now, I’m no stranger to a staycation or days out and secretly I’m a lover of the Great British holiday. My poor car has been all over the place and is constantly full of bodyboards, picnic blankets, buckets and spades, snacks, backpacks and of course an umbrella!

I love a few days by the beach. My children have hours of fun going in and out of the water and enjoying the sea air and even though we are active it is relaxing.

I also love the countryside. Walks, tree climbing and exploring can be great family fun and you can always guarantee we will find a park (and a pub) somewhere along the way.

Having presented my two small people with a variety of options where did they want to go for a well-earned ‘break’........ that relaxing place known as Alton Towers of course.

So a few days of themeparking and no relaxing for me it turns out then!

Best book in a couple of sneaky days by the seaside afterwards to recover....