Vicky Meets... Lucy Davis, Photographer

Lucy Davis. Credit: Vicki Knights PhotographyLucy Davis. Credit: Vicki Knights Photography
Lucy Davis. Credit: Vicki Knights Photography
Vicky Meets… Lucy Davis, Photographer

Will you tell me about your career journey – what’s the back story?

I’ve always loved art but I was always a terrible drawer and painter. Then, when I met my husband, he loved photography. I had a go too and loved it – finally, a way to be creative without having to draw! I decided to go to college to study it, but I found the course really conceptual and I just wanted to learn how to use the camera and about lighting. So I applied for jobs and work experience. I must have sent over 50 emails to local photographers. I got one reply from an amazing photographer who’d not long started up herself but was so good at her job. She completely took me under her wing and let me be her 2nd shooter. I learned so much working with her. Around the same time I applied for a job in a portrait studio where I worked for 5 years and then another Studio for another 5 years. Over this time I learned an incredible amount. Working in a high-volume studio gives you the practice and skills for so many scenarios and I had so many amazing creatives around me who knew their stuff. I also continued to shoot my own weddings, which meant that I was pretty busy.

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Around the time my second daughter was born I wanted to have more time with my family.

I made my business full time and I've never looked back. I only work with people who appreciate what I do, and I do everything I can to make them happy and glad that they

chose me.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working with people. I occasionally photograph non-people subjects, but it’s not the same, I’ve been enjoying branding sessions lately, as you get to have time, one to one, to get to know your client. By the end of a shoot I feel like I’ve made a new friend. I also love how creative you get to be; trying new angles, ideas, techniques, looks, processes. People and creativity – the perfect combo.

Any particular memorable moments?

One of my most memorable moments was a couple who had a really rainy wedding. They’d chosen a venue that was really outdoorsy and based on being outside in the countryside and enjoying a summer afternoon with a view of the Downs. I was just getting everyone ready for the confetti and the couple were just peeking around the church door to see if we were all ready for them when the heavens opened! They just completely embraced it; they greeted their guests in the downpour and then legged it to the reception, laughing their heads off.

What’s your top tip for taking a great photo?

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Get the light right and you’re on to a winner. Window light is always great for people shots.

Face the window rather than having it behind you.

Where can we find more info?; Instagram: @lucy_davis_photography @lucy_davis_branding