WHISPERING SMITH: The fox, food and the Ford Fiesta'¦

Great graffiti, whats not to like...Great graffiti, whats not to like...
Great graffiti, whats not to like...
Last year our town council wisely and correctly banned the trapping and killing of foxes on allotments, a move widely supported by most.

A fox’s life is worth more than a carrot or a potato and one can live with the odd hole in the cabbage patch.

Not only do these animals help control the environment by eating mice and such but they also add much needed colour to our lives.

They deserve the protection now afforded them.

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Over the last few weeks I have counted five dead animals on local highways so if you are one of those who believe there are too many of them, trust me, Misters Toyota, Ford and Nissan among many others are keeping the numbers down and do not need any local help.

A recent posting on social media reported that an elderly couple in Derby had been fined 50 quid by the council for feeding white bread to waterfowl.

The posting had over 1,500 views and brought forth nearly 400 comments many or which, as is to be expected, railed against the local authority.

A good percentage said the fine was in order if the site had been posted and a warning of a fine given if not then the it should be cancelled which it eventually was.

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The surprise for me was in the great number who said, quite rightly, it was wrong to give waterfowl white bread as it did them more harm than good.

Heartening the message is getting across but the success of signs informing the public of this was not.

We have signs along our promenade and Mewsbrook Park but they are often ignored.

I pointed out such a sign out to a feeder by the RNLI station – he advised me what I could do with said advice.

Signs make little difference if not backed by punitive action.

A very happy Christmas and new year to you all and thank you for your comments and interest in the column.

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