Ditching Brexit to remain in EU would be no disgrace

I don’t envy MPs these days. Now that Parliament has decisively rejected the Government’s withdrawal agreement with the EU and the EU has indicated there will be no more major negotiations, there are only two options realistically left: Remain (no Brexit) and no deal.

Anti-brexit campaigners wave Union and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament
Anti-brexit campaigners wave Union and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament

I think we can discount other suggestions, which are only suggestions, based on Norway’s and Canada’s relationships with the EU.

As Gillian Keegan and I agreed, until the 2016 referendum result was announced, that it would be better to remain in the EU and she has confirmed she still thinks that no deal would have a negative effect on business and jobs in the constituency, it seems best now to support remaining in the EU. Mrs May and other ministers (although some were convinced Leavers) have done their best and tried really hard but they have been unable to reach an agreement with the EU that commands the support of the Commons.

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It would be no disgrace for the Government to announce it has done its best to fulfil the wish of a small majority of voters, but it is unable to do so, and remaining would be in the nation’s best interest; also the Government would work to reform the EU from within.

I appreciate that might be difficult for some MPs and the Government. If it is too difficult, the only solution seems to return the question (No Brexit or No Deal) to voters in another referendum. To reduce dispute, it might be mandatory next time, but regulated better than the previous one.

Anthony Tuffin, Solent Way, Selsey